Monday, January 09, 2006

I'm thinking of building an ark

I went for a run tonight after work. Six miles. In the rain, and in the dark. My fingers were wrinkled like when you wash too many dishes, or stay in the lake too long. It was a weird, meditative hour or so. And it wasn't just the sprinkle-sprinkle rain that just sort of mists and makes everything damp. This was a steady drizzle, the kind that makes you think twice before leaving home without an umbrella. And the kind that makes you wonder if the sun is ever going to shine again in Tacoma. Seriously.

According to Elizabeth M. Gillespie in the AP's Seattle bureau:

After 22 consecutive days of measurable rain, Seattle is closing in on a record so dismal, even forecasters in this city famous for its gray skies are complaining — albeit politely.
With more wet weather predicted over the next several days, Seattle may soon break a record set in 1953, when there 33 consecutive days of measurable precipitation — the most since the local National Weather Service branch started tracking rainfall in 1931.

Well, at least it's not 10 below zero.


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