Wednesday, March 22, 2006

As usual, Brianna shows me up. Or, the case against Carlos Mencia.

Brianna's got a wonderful post about her weekend trip to Chicago to see her new fave, the Arctic Monkeys. We chatted briefly over Gmail talk the other night, promising each other we'd write about our weekends. My post turned out to be amateurish and full of typos. Brianna's is nuanced, interesting, and well, better. Check it out here:

In other news, I just saw a commercial informing me that the season premiere of Mind of Mencia will air tonight on Comedy Central. Anybody seen this? It's the weakest, lamest, poor man's version of Chappelle's Show that has ever and will ever be seen on TV. Carlos Mencia, whose entire schtick is Mexican jokes, stars in skits and stand-ups portions that scream: "I'm so EDGY!! Can't you see that I'm EDGY!! Oh my God, I just made a joke about Black people!! EDGYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!" The thing is, unlike Chapelle's Show, Mind of Mencia isn't edgy at all. It feels forced and dumbed down.

Dave Chappelle had a moment in some of his sketches where he'd look straight into the camera, smile and seemingly say: "That's right. I just said that. Can you believe this is on TV?" Mencia doesn't ever really have those moments. He just prattles on and on, seemingly saying: "This is edgy because I'm talking about race. I'm pushing your buttons. I *know* I'm pushing your buttons. EDGYYYYYYYY!!!!!"

And then I turn the channel to Nick At Nite and watch Full House.

Today: 60 minute run
Tomorrow: 60 minute walk/bike


At 7:13 AM, Blogger poor man said...

Nice poor man's reference. I'm actually doing a TV-themed week in April. I've got four days' worth already. May I use this? Full credit will be given, of course.

Say yes. You'd be crazy to turn down traffic from the 15 people who visit my site...EVERY DAY!

At 10:49 AM, Blogger Brianna said...

It is blasphemous to call yourself "amateurish," Mr. Sand.
Pah-leese. You rule. And don't you forget it.

Thanks for the kind words. As always...


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