Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunday morning, etc.

Check out these trees outside my house. I'm not sure what kind they are -- cherry blossoms? -- but they bloomed in the past week, and have really brightened up the neighborhood. As has that little yellow pickup truck, which I don't think has moved in a week. It's so awesome. (Big ups to Cassie for the photo.)

-I've heard Kiss' "Roll and Roll All Night" three times, in its entirety, in the past four days. Weird.

-The latest issue of the New Yorker has a snarky little piece on the Olympics that included this part, which got me laughing:

All of these questions and more could be contemplated during the tackily retro opening pageant: atheletes marched in to the accompaniment of such well-known Italian standards as "Hot Stuff," "I Will Survive," and Y.M.C.A." The theme of the Winter Olympics was "Passion lives here," a rather flat and unconvincing declaration -- perhaps the International Olympic Committee should have chosen "Disco lives here" instead. In every multi-million dolloar extravaganza, there are elements that fall under the category of It Seemed Like a Good Idea When We Started Planning, and for some viewers one of these was seeing Yoko Ono -- whose name is pretty much the first thing that comes to mind when you think about sports -- take the stage, in winter white and sunglasses, and deliver a message about world peace; Ono's own recent efforts in the service of better human relations include denigrating Paul McCartney's songwriting talent at an awards dinner last fall.


Today: off
Tomorrow: 60 minutes of cross training of some sort


At 1:16 AM, Blogger stacey_debra said...

Paul - I found your blog linked from Dan Haugen's and think it fabulous. I worked with him in Iowa and now live in the Tri-Cities and work at the Herald. I was supposed to get in touch with you when I first moved here in June, but never got around to it. My bad. Anyway, I dig your blog and totally commend your marathon training. I'm training for a half right now, which I will run in Vancouver, BC May 7. Yay for running. And Dan's blog was quite hilarious. Anyway, email me at You should run the Vancouver half as a practice race for Olympia.

At 9:59 AM, Blogger Kristina said...

Yoko Ono can bite me.


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