Thursday, March 02, 2006

I'm sorry. Am I boring you?

I haven't written about training lately, but it doesn't mean I
haven't been thinking about it. I power walked tonight, and began to
mentally prepare for a full day of eating and rest tomorrow, followed
by a 14-mile run on Saturday morning.

I spend as much time shopping for food/cooking/eating as I do running.
It's a dirty little secret about marathon training. I am hungry
*constantly*. My metabolism has sped up considerably in just the past
two to three weeks. I've been eating a ton of eggs, spinach and
Honeynut Cheerios, but not necessarily together or in that order. Oddly, I've almost
completely stopped eating cheese, which was the main staple of my diet
for the past six months or so. But my banana intake has increased
1,000 percent. I eat three a day now. Three!

In preparation for Saturday's long run, I bought some GU, which is a
flavored, concentrated dose of unfettered carbohydrates. According to
its web site: "GU Energy Gel contains maltodextrin, the best complex
carbohydrate for delivering energy to working muscles. GU also
contains the optimal balance of carbohydrates for the body during
exercise: 80% complex/20% simple. It is this balance of maltodextrin
and fructose in GU that delivers a quick rise in blood sugar and
maintains that glucose level for up to 45 minutes during exercise."

Umm, okay. Got all that? All I know is that it's supposed to keep you
moving in the middle of a run. It comes in little packets that you eat
15 minutes before running. It's pretty thick, and the orange flavor is
not recommended. However, the "vanilla bean" variety is excellent. And
"tri berry" should not be missed.

Today: 60-minute power walk
Tomorrow: walk outside?


At 4:38 AM, Blogger Libby said...

Thought I'd share the breakfast I developed for myself during marathon training. I'm an oatmeal fanatic, so it might not work for everyone, but I love it!

Crack an egg into a measuring cup and add enough water to make one cup. Pour it into a bowl and whisk. Stir in half a cup of quick-cooking oatmeal. (I think 5-minute works better than those instant packets.) Add a little salt and seasonings - brown sugar, cinnamon, raisins, walnuts, cheerios, spinach, whatever. In my microwave, 2 minutes is just right, but it took some experimentation. It ends up sort of like rice pudding or bread pudding, but it's great because the fat and protein in the egg make it stick with you, and the oatmeal gives you those nice fibery whole grains. Yum!

Keep up the good work Paul!


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