Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sixteen minutes with Paul. Or, I am magic!

Sounds like a few a you are familiar with the IT band pains, including a "Michelle" who left a comment on my last post. If you're the Michelle of Albany High School fame -- the same one whose machine shed we used to drink in during post-prom and post-graduation parties -- please, please, please post another comment and let me know. And if you're not that Michelle, well, welcome to the blog. I'm Paul.

I'm watching the premiere of Love Monkey on CBS. It's kind of weak. It has that dude from Ed, and so far he's name checked the Clash, Aretha Franklin and Dylan. (It's like a lame-o, TV-ready High Fidelity, I guess.) He was just hanging out in CBGBs with some other guy, playing guitar. Do we really need another show about a confused, lovelorn guy with a cute (okay, super cute) blond best friend, who we all know he'll eventually fall in love with? Not really. Why am I even writing about this? What do you guys think?

The power walking that I've been doing for my cross training has been kind of awesome. My legs are sore because I've been walking down the hill to old town Tacoma, by the water (think Duluth's lake walk) and then back up the hill. It's nice to be outside, moving, and not be completely sweaty and spent when I'm done.

I've got Sunday off from work. I'm using my "wellness" day that the company gives employees who use less than six hours of sick time in the preceding six months. Anyway, I'm going on a little adventure, and I hope to take the Inspiron and use my travel companions' camera to post some pictures.

Tomorrow: 60 minutes of running, and probably a little bit of laundry after work.


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