Monday, January 16, 2006

This has been a pretty good day off

I've accomplished only one thing today on my mental list of stuff to do, but this has been a pretty good day off. I think I'm most excited to have my computer back. It might sound bratty, but I'm a little bit scattered without it to check the news, write emails, etc. Let's hope it stays fixed.

I don't get up much before 9:30 or 10 a.m. most days because I don't work until the afternoon. So, I was a tired and unshowered for the first marathon training session, which started at 8:30 a.m. 30 miles away in Olympia. It was held at some sort of community center for old folks, and the brief introductory lecture was given in the building's tiny little gym -- complete with kick balls stuck in the rafters.

Most people were chatty beforehand, asking things like, "Have you ever run a marathon before?" and "What's the farthest you've ever run?" But many had sort of a grim look when the running store owner, who's sponsoring the five months of training, started talking.

Prepare to run or cross-train six days a week, he said.
Be here promptly at 8 a.m. every Saturday until mid-May, he said.
Get ready for some *long* runs like April 29's 22-mile barn burner, he said.

I'm probably the youngest person in the training group, so the pressure is on. If the 60-year-old dude with the full head of gray hair can hang with the training, I sure as hell should, too.

There's one little problem that I haven't mentioned here yet: I've got some sort of weird, seemingly minor, knee injury. It's called Iliotibal Band Syndrome (IT Band for short), and I've been to the doctor for it. Basically, it causes me a dull, aching pain on the outside of my left knee after a couple miles. New shoes have helped, but it still hurts.

I mentioned my IT band problems to the head trainer and he didn't seem too pleased. I've decided to run only twice a week and power walk the other four days. It jibes with the training schedule.

It's sort of a let down to be walking 60-90 minutes four times a week to get in shape to run a marathon, but that's cool if it's the only way I can do it.


At 12:36 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

Don't be to bent out of shape if the 60+ year old men are kicking your ass. Men seem to peak again around that age, so if they appear to be in good shape they probably are. As for the IT problem do you have a band, I can't recall the name of it right now, that you wear around your knee. Some runners think they do the trick.

At 5:54 PM, Blogger Brianna said...

Ah, man! I'm sorry to hear about your knee! That sounds like a bitch. A painful, nagging bitch.
Take care, my friend.

ps I really dug your use of ", he said." That was kick-ass.


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