Thursday, January 19, 2006

It's an entire city surrounded by reality, you know

It's funny how much an unexpected phone call can make your afternoon.

My phone rang about five minutes after I arrived at work today.

Caller: Hi Paul. This is Mary in Washington.
Me: (Silent)
Caller: D.C.
Me: Oh, hi!

I worked with Mary at my last job. She's the office manager and den mother to a group of brilliant, frazzled men and women. She watches Young and the Restless and Oprah everyday on a 4-inch TV that sits on her desk. She reads every inch of the New York tabloids. She's proud of her son, who moved back to D.C. from Chicago last year. And she loves American Idol.

A lot.

We used to discuss it with great intensity. We sat near each other, but we'd usually stand by her desk or my office door and talk about who we were rooting for and why and how she hated Simon. It was awesome.

I lose steam when the judges whittle the show down to 16 people, and then tune again in when it's down to eight or four or whatever. Mary keeps on going, following her favorite. (Last year it was Scott, the rotund Ohioan who sported some thin, angular facial hair.)

Anyway, she called today to ask if I had turned in the access key to the office. I told her that I had. We talked about the rainy weather and the marathon, and that was it. But it made me really happy for a few hours.

This morning: ran six miles
Right now: waiting for my dryer cycle to finish
Tomorrow: walk 60-90 minutes


At 6:46 PM, Blogger Brianna said...

Gawd, I really miss your writing. It's so rad to have it back! btw: I *love* the new look...
I might steal it!!

(I totally laughed out loud at your assessment of "Love Monkey")


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