Friday, February 17, 2006

Yes! Yes! Yes! Or, Axl 4ever.

Here's a link to some leaked songs off the Gunners' new record, which Axl and a cast of thousands has been working on since 1994/95. "IRS" is a rad song. The chorus makes me think of Axl when he would grab the mic stand with both hands and just stalk the stage. Back and forth. Screaming, singing, whatever. And putting his foot up on a floor monitor and letting it go. Plus, the guitar solo is impossibly awesome and sounds a lot like something Slash would do. It's probably played by that guy who wears the KFC bucket on his head. (Note: this is a not a joke or code for anything. See? Yeah, I don't get it either.)

There is virtually no way this record will live up to the stories behind it. And there's almost no way it can live up to any of GNR's past efforts. (Appetite for Destruction is *the* perfect rock record, by the way.) But it better be damn good. And the songs better have some swagger.


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