Friday, March 31, 2006

Countdown to extinction

I ate a huge breakfast, and I'm in the middle of a rather large lunch. Later, I will fill up again for dinner.

This is my regiment each Friday before a long, Saturday morning run. Tomorrow is 18 miles -- my longest ever. The good news is this: my leg and butt muscles don't hurt as bad as last week, and I'm generally feeling good. The bad news? I frightened of running this distance. I scared I'll get really, really hungry. Or badly have to pee at mile 13 when I'm out in rural Tumwater. Or just won't be able to finish it. Eek!

I heard Rammstein's "Du hast mich" on the drive to get more allergy meds today. It's a much better song than I remembered. Favorite parts: when he yells, "Nein!" and the bleepy, Intellivision-like noises near the end of the song. There should be legislation requiring all aggro-metal to include Germans and/or German lyrics.

Today: outdoor walk (sunshine? yes!)
Tomorrow: 18 mile run


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