Monday, May 15, 2006

Against All Odds: Cheese Slicing Implement / Midnight Stroll Edition

Six Days Out -- I will resist the urge to make a "cutting the cheese" joke here, but I do need to talk about the cheese slicer I recently purchased. It's changed my life.

It's not stainless steel like the one in the photograph. (I'd hazard a guess that the only people in American with stainless steel cheese slicers are married, and likely received said slicer as a wedding gift.) Regardless, its ability to slice through the rectangular blocks of Tillamook cheese I buy to put on my egg sandwiches is truly remarkable.

There I said it. I needed to get it off my chest.

I got back a few minutes ago from a walk around my neighborhood. My work out schedule this week will be as follows: today, 30-minute walk; Wednesday, 20-minute run and Friday, 30-minute walk. The regiment was prescribed by the training guru in my running group. I need to save my energy for Sunday. Plus, I want to make sure I'm not putting any undue strain on my wonky right knee/IT Band.

The weather's been great here the last couple days, and the temperature is still really pleasant tonight. Usually there's a damp bite to the air in Tacoma, but tonight it was gone. It wasn't humid; it just felt perfect. And it reminded me of wandering around my old neighborhood in Southeast Minneapolis where I lived during college. My current neighborhood shares many qualities with that one -- old, well-kept homes, apartment buildings jam-packed with 20-somethings and, generally, safe sidewalks.

I've always liked to walk quiet, lit city streets at night. It's cool to see the blueish glow of TV screens inside the houses. And the night time gives you a chance to really study the buildings without anyone else around.

Today: 30-minute walk
Tomorrow: nothing


At 7:05 PM, Blogger CheeseSlicer said...

just wondering...if it's not a hand-held stainless steel cheese slicer like the picture, what kind is it?


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