Friday, May 12, 2006

Why this blog has sucked lately. Plus, why it's gonna be *way* better for the next week or so.

First, I was ready to fire off a pithy blog post Wednesday morning before work, but wasn't working. Then, my knee/right leg has been hurting like hell all week, and I didn't want to spread my pain around.

All this leads me to think what you're probably thinking: this blog has sucked lately.

I've come out with a plan to fix that: a 8-day post-a-thon, featuring, you guessed it -- 8 days of blog posts, culminating in a final rumination on running next Sunday, May 21. I'll start tomorrow.

In the meantime, I'll finish my laundry and laughing about the barn-shaped restaurant where I ate breakfast this morning near my Honda dealer. All the booths are fenced in with exposed wood so they look like horse stalls -- classy. The food was awesome and cheap though.

Today: 60-minute walk
Tomorrow: 5-mile tempo run in Olympia. Plus, driving the actual marathon course to get a feel for it.


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