Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Against All Odds: Gu v. Powerbar Edition

Five Days Out -- Several months ago I pledged allegiance on this blog to Gu, the odd protein-packed gelatinous goop that runners eat during long runs. Recently, however, I tried the more solid Powerbar, and it's replaced my beloved Gu. For the most part.

The bar felt like it stayed with me longer than the a Gu packet, which I could eat one after another during a run if I had to.

My plan for the marathon is to bring two Powerbars and three Gu packets. The race map says there'll be a couple of Gu stations along the way, but I want to make sure I've got enough to get through it all.

I favor the vanilla bean flavor for the Gu's, and the banana-flavor Powerbars. They actually taste like banana bread. I'm no dummy though; I know both scents/flavors were cooked up in a laboratory somewhere in New Jersey.

Today: icing my knee
Tomorrow: 20-minute run


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