Saturday, January 21, 2006

I am in Los Angeles, Calif.

I'm sitting in a 11th-story hotel room in Culver City watching traffic on the 405. I can see downtown L.A., what I think is Westwood and the Hollywood Hills. I can't see any clouds, and it's 64 degrees.

Hell yes.

I'm here until early Monday morning with my parents. We're visiting my great-aunt and cousins, who live in and around the city, this weekend. My parents have some sort of business conference in Newport Beach this week. Yep, the same Newport Beach on The O.C. (By the way, the O.C. on Thursday seemed kind of desperate bringing in Marissa's jailbait little sister. Desperate but awesome. Also, the episode had the best part of all good O.C. episodes: a big party by somebody's pool. It wasn't quite as surreal as Melrose Place, but it was as close to that fine, fine show as the O.C. has been in a while.)

Yesterday: walked on the beach in Santa Monica for about an hour and half
Today: ran eight miles on a treadmill in the hotel's "fitness center" while watching City Slickers


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