Friday, January 27, 2006

Tacoma, looking east

I wish it was sunny here more often because this is what it looks like. My apartment is two blocks south of the the high-rise farthest to the right.

Mount Rainier sort of looms like the Death Star on clear days here. Take that, Seattle.

(Note: This photo is from 1984, but mountains don't change much in 20 years. Thanks, Google Images!)

Lessons learned today:
1. There are no good record stores in Tacoma. Seriously. I can't find the new Gossip record ... and they're on the Olympia-based Kill Rock Stars label. C'mon!
2. If I have the option, I need to run when it isn't raining instead of waiting until later in the day. It always rains when I do this.

Today: 4-mile run outside
Tomorrow: 8-mile run with the group in Olympia


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