Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I feel good. Plus, why MySpace is better than a high school reunion.

My recovery from Saturday's 18-mile run has been incredibly easy. I'm not sure why. It seemed like the days after the 16-miler were hell on earth -- ache-y muscles (and break-y heart. just kidding.) and general exhaustion. My legs were a bit sore Sunday and yesterday, but I iced 'em and they feel pretty good today.

I didn't work out yesterday because I wanted to give myself another day to get my strength back. I will hit the treadmill tonight though.

In other news, I've discovered some of my college friends on MySpace in the last few days. I've also found people from my high school, which was a strange and thrilling experience. I don't have my high school listed in my profile, and don't understand why any adult would do that, but I'm sure glad 78 people did. I scanned through them last night, looking at their photos and paging through their friend lists for other people I tangentially know. There are more people living in the Twin Cities suburbs and serving in the military than I would have guessed. Other than that, not too many revelations. However, I much prefer this method of finding out where people live, where they work and who they're friends with than actually having an awkward discussion with them. Is that a terrible thing to say?

In other even more random news, Dan sent me this Nickelback link, which proves that they wrote the same song twice and people actually made them hits.

Today: 60-minute treadmill
Tomorrow: 60-minute run


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