Sunday, April 16, 2006

You wouldn't believe me if I told you. Or, my feet are absolutely revolting right now.

The sensation hit me about two miles into the run: my legs muscles were exhausted. I felt like I had run 10 miles already. I contemplated turning around and heading back to the store, but decided against it.
I completed the 20.6-mile run on Saturday, but I'm not sure how.
All week my right leg was giving me trouble. Sore, tight muscles that wouldn't relax and wouldn't heal.
I had shoe problems. I had sleep problems. I tried icing. I tried laying off the training.
But in the end nothing worked, and I ran the nearly 21 miles anyway. The pain below my right knee subsided, but I gained a dull ache in the rest of my leg, my hips, my butt, etc.
Most of my toes are blistered, along with the side of my feet. It's very disgusting, and why, right now, I'm so glad I live alone. No one should be subjected to these feet.
So, it's on. 20 miles down. 22 miles, and then a marathon three weeks later, to go.
Can't stop. Won't stop. Won't ever stop. Dude.

Today: nothing
Tomorrow: easy walk


At 2:41 PM, Blogger Kristina said...

Did I ever tell you you're my hero? You are the wind beneath my wings.


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